Catching Air To Relieve Stress

KiteBoard Stress Relief I recently read one definition of addiction (A positive addiction is a beneficial habit–where the benefits outweigh the costs) recently and realized I have had a positive addiction my whole life with out even really realizing it.

You see I have been addicted to to chasing the wind for a long time. More accurately I guess I am an adrenalin junkie.My addiction has caused me to miss work and has disrupted my social life. My life revolved around the weather forecast.If it was a windy day there was nothing else to do but check the direction and get get to the best spot.

I have met so many interesting people and been to places that I would have never even thought about going to if it was not for chasing wind.

My favorite wind fix, Kitesurfing, has many physical and mental benefits.

It is like going to the gym and doing full body workouts without the boredom of lifting weights.It works your abs,back legs arms every time you go out.It can sometimes become a cardio workout if you lose your board and have to either body drag or swim to find it.You will be tired,hungry and sleep very well after a good session.

But I think what caused the addiction to really take hold were the mental benefits.The way I would feel after a good session.I think kitesurfing/windsurfing have been some of the best types of self help and coping mechanisms in my life.

There is a peace that you feel after a good session.Your perspective on life changes at least for a little while.You get into this peaceful zone where nothing fazes you,all problems you might have  before you go out are still there when you come in they just don’t affect you like they did before you went out.

It is like moving meditation,total concentration on one thing .Your mind is so focused, so totally present in what you are doing that for the time you are doing “a move” you are thinking about absolutely nothing else but the move. Nothing !! Total bliss one turn or jump at a time.There is no where else for your mind to be at or go to because if it wonders you will crash and feel pain. Kitesurfing can be very unforgiving, if you get it right it is sweet, get it wrong and  it will punish you.

You are hanging on to this thing that pulls like a tractor and will drag you any where it wants if you don’t learn to control it. You are putting your self into a situation that would completely terrify   most regular people and because you come out alive and unhurt your confidence level goes up.You learn to stay calm and not panic if things go wrong.You realize that panic is the worst thing to give in to at ANY time in ANY situation.

Want to get into shape and find nirvana at the same time ?.Take some kitesurfing lessons.It will difficult at first especially if you are really out of shape, But stick with it spend a few hours learning to fly the kite, show it that you are in control not it.

Once you feel and control the power there is no turning back.

I know everyone is different. Extreme things can be very frighting for some people but you should try to find something that allows you to move your body. Perhaps you could learn Yoga or do body weight exercises. But do something. Movement is the key to a healthy life

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