Benefits of Improving Your Memory

There are some pretty clear-cut reasons for wanting to improve your memory. Sure, a stronger memory means you’ll waste less time remembering where you put the car keys and the PIN number for your ATM card. But improving your power of recall can have some additional benefits:

Less Stress

Improving your memory, in the most basic form, means decreasing what you forget. Studies have shown that people who constantly forget where they parked their car to appointments and due dates, experience higher levels of stress. Conversely, when you begin to remember more, your stress levels decrease exponentially.

And here’s some great news: Lowering your stress levels actually increases your memory even more! By removing the fear of forgetting, your stress levels decrease, upping the likelihood that you’ll remember what you need to. In other words, increasing your memory is a cyclical process to, well, increasing your memory. Other benefits of lower stress: Your cortisol levels drop, bringing a ton of great health benefits from weight loss to better sleep.

Faster Learning

When you work actively to improve your memory, you’re able to retain information more readily. A better memory means you can grasp concepts and apply them to other situations, speeding up your learning. As you amass different concepts and bits of knowledge, your memory will begin to connect the dots between concepts and form web-like chains, increasing your understanding.

Learning faster can mean a faster track to career success. If you can catch on to new concepts and skills quickly, you’ve definitely got a leg up. By speeding up your learning abilities you can process information faster and make decisions quickly.


When your learning speed increases and your stress levels decrease, your ability to absorb multiple topics becomes enhanced. When you start taking in information from various sources, you become well-rounded. In the work world, you’ll be able to understand the big picture of how the business works, making you a more valuable employee.

Being well-rounded can also increase the quality of your social life. You will be better suited to converse on almost any subject, making discussions more smooth and meaningful. You can become the source of information everyone looks to, leading to your standing as an expert among your peers.

Less stress in life could be motivation enough to improve your memory, but if you’re still not excited, there are hundreds of other reasons out there. If, for no other reason, you should increase your memory to help remember the name of the interesting person you just met, or the contact info for the new sales lead you didn’t have time to write down. The benefits of improving your memory are as numerous as the grains of sand on an ocean.

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