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More Energy Without More Caffeine

The first thing that you should do if you feel a lack of energy or if each day is becoming increasingly difficult to get through, is to make an appointment with your doctor or other medical care professional and have them check whether there is a underlying medical condition that is causing you to feel […]


Benefits of Improving Your Memory

There are some pretty clear-cut reasons for wanting to improve your memory. Sure, a stronger memory means you’ll waste less time remembering where you put the car keys and the PIN number for your ATM card. But improving your power of recall can have some additional benefits: Less Stress Improving your memory, in the most […]


A Memory Muscle Workout.

Whether you want to remember the name of a new business contact, mentally file away the title of a must-read book you just heard about, or permanently tattoo a critical piece of information on your brain cells, there are some tricks to enhancing your ability to store and recall information. Here are some of the […]


25 Bodyweight Exercise Ideas For Fat Burning

Alright, let’s say you go into the gym and it’s waaaaaaay too busy (or you are exercising at home with only one set of adjustable dumbbells) and you need some alternative exercises. What can you do in place of dumbbell presses, dumbbell rows, split squats, etc.? Well, here are 27 alternative exercises for you. Situation […]


5 Nutrition Tips for Fat Loss

This is always tough to admit, but nutrition is more important than your workouts when it comes to fat loss. And since diet is more important than exercise, I’ve decided to spend some time sharing nutrition tips this week, starting with these 5 diet secrets: 1) Your nutrition program doesn’t have to be extreme. Hold […]


Bored With Traditional Workouts ?

If you get bored following traditional workouts, but hate to sacrifice results just for the sake of variety, then this is one workout you will want to follow. In this workout you will use kettlebells, bodyweight, and barbells fused together into supersets and circuits to deliver a super fast and ultra effective workout. The first […]