Rise Above Negativity And Develop Wisdom

Negativity from other people can affect us  in a ways that we may  never have thought about. A world of energy is some thing that exists all around us.There is is the energy generated by electricity and then there is the energy we get from caffeine and energy drinks. There is also a world of energy that exists in the belief systems,mass thought forms and telepathic energies of others that can affect us. Now before you totally dismiss this idea,think about looking at a familiar object through microscope. The object is still the same but looks different up close. It is just visible in much greater detail.

Apply the the same concept to energy ,except in this case the microscope is your awareness,your ability to focus your attention on whatever you chose.Think of yourself as a radio that can receive lots of stations.What you receive depends on what you pay attention to. You perceive the world through your physical senses,you also pick up information at a nonverbal,intuitive level as well. If you look at your thoughts as a doorway to sensing energy and using your inner eyes as tools for changing and working with it.You need not be affected by other peoples bad moods.You can learn to heal negative energy,help people to evolve and increase the positive energy around you.By doing so you can change the nature of your personal relationships.With practice you can learn to recognize the energies that you pick up subconsciously. Because you are like a radio you can learn to set the dial and receive what ever information you want.You can learn to control the messages you pick up ,choose what you want to hear and let go of the broadcasts you do not want to receive.

To be unaffected by the pain and negativity in other people, to help yourself and others rise above it, you need to explore and awaken to these subtle energies and see your self in larger and expanded ways.

You can learn to sense energy by the a process, which I am sure you have heard of many times before,called visualization ..

As you read this,try to get rid of any loud distractions and sit in a comfortable position. Use every sense you have.Feel your breathing in your chest,face,mouth  and throat.It is only a matter of paying attention to the many faculties that you have for sensing energy.For a moment,listen to every sound in the room and outside of .Become aware of  your sense of  smell,of touch,of the feeling of the clothing on your body,of what you are sitting on.Pay attention to any taste in your mouth.Close your eyes and think of all the things you have looked at today as if everything you saw was in a movie that you went to today.

What pictures did you put on your movie screen today ?

You use another faculty  all the time whether  you are aware of it or not and that is your ability to sense energy.You make decisions based on the energy that you sense.The same process of visualization that you used inside your mind to put pictures on your movie screen can also be used to sense energy.

To be able to sense energy your need to be aware of your self and be able to clear your mental and emotional slate. One way to do this is to close your eyes and imagine that you have a clear white screen in your mind,take a deep breath and imagine energy coming from the bottom of your feet up through the top of your head and out into the universe.Then imagine a clear light from the universe coming straight down from above,into your head and out through your feet.Picture warmth spreading through your body.Let your self feel light and free all over.This exercise will help you to relax because only when you are relaxed will you be able to sense energy clearly.Tension and negative emotions will obscure clarity,Clear your self out by creating a state of relaxation and peace.Your image of the white screen will create the state of mind that you need and deep breathing will clear your emotions.Practice creating a state of relaxation.You can do it in a second.If you walk in some where -a restaurant ,a supermarket for example and you start to feel tense you could be encountering negative energy.DO not allow it to affect you by becoming more tense .That will attract even more negative energy.To avoid being affected, relax.Visualize a peaceful feeling.By visualizing the feelings you want, you will not pick negative energy.

As soon as go in anywhere and you do not like the way you feel there.STOP.Become a blank screen and relax.Think of how you want to feel and begin to visualize your self as feeling that way.

Spend time thinking  of what you want rather that what you don’t want. Do not feel responsible for everyone’s happiness,only they can choose it you cannot choose it for them.Give to others what you want to receive-love, support,appreciation,healing and acknowledgment -and you will get it back.To dissolve fear ,turn and look at it directly,for what you face dissolves in the light of consciousness.

Try to focus on what is good about people and by doing that you will help them to achieve it.Be aware of the images you create about your self when you speak to others.People form images of you as you speak to them. Watch your words and energy as you move through your day.The instant you notice a drop in energy or that doubts are creeping into your mind and that you are feeling bad about who you are,stop, take a deep breath and look inward for a higher image.It is important to learn forgiveness,because every time you replay a negative memory,making your self wrong, you are creating it again in the future.Try to learn from your mistakes and do not blame yourself for them

Your definition of your self as a man or woman greatly influences your behavior.If others express anger with you or withhold their love in some way do not let their negativity become a part of your response

Wisdom is the ability to know when to act and when not to.It is also understanding your mind and how it works. Believing that everything is happening for your good makes negative energy harmless.When you act from wisdom you feel good inside.You may feel that you don’t have very much control over the things that happen to you,but you an control your response to them.You can chose how to react.Rather than express anger ,release it,rather than express hatred, release it.Then another’s hatred or anger cannot attach to you because there is no place in you for it to stick to.Be generous with your forgiveness for it is a response to anger that allows you to rise above it

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